This site has been written by an expert in the driving field as an opportunity to discuss and draw attention to some issues that are often mentioned briefly by individuals as well as motoring organisations but never really talked about in depth.

Quite simply this site is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their driving, whether you are just starting to learn or even if you have been driving for years. We all have something to learn about driving, no matter how good we may think we have become. We will never cease to be amazed at things that happen around us on the road each day.

If you are thinking of learning to drive, this book can help you a lot, and could save you money on tuition fees. I am pretty sure that no matter who reads this book you will find it interesting, and benefit from it, regardless of the amount of driving experience you have had.

There are many points in this site that could cause heated debates in various organisations, as well as between individuals. It is a great chance to see where opinion lies with regard to their attitudes to driving and gives them opportunity to see how you think about issues I have brought up.

Whilst this site has its humorous side, there is a very serious side, which I hope is taken on board by its readers.

After passing your driving test, learning continues every day that you drive, until you hang up your driving gloves.


The contents of this site have been broken down into small sections so they are quick to download and easy to understand and absorb.


The full contents of the site are: -


INTRODUCTION. - Do you recognise anything here of yourself or someone you know?


ABOUT THE AUTHOR. - Find out the experience and knowledge of the writer.


WHAT MAKES A GOOD DRIVER. - We can all improve and this will put you at the start to everything you need to practice.


TIPS FOR LEARNERS. - Take it all in and it will save you money on tuition fees.


VEHICLE SYMPATHY. - Treat it well!


THE DRIVING EXAMINER. - Oh no not the dreaded examiner!


THE DRIVING TEST. - I'll explain what is expected of you and skills to pay particular attention to.


CURRENT DRIVING TEST DEBATE. - Although many people say that the test itself has not changed since 1934, this could not be further from the truth and I will explain why.


CHANGES TO THE MOTORCYCLE TEST. - Revolutionised and rightly so!


TIPS FOR NON-LEARNERS. - Yes that's right. There's some pretty bad driving out there and without an L-plate in sight!

(This is the biggest section and includes some simple diagrams to help explain. In order to keep downloading time to a minimum it has been split up into sub sections. You can look at each topic one at a time.)


FINAL THOUGHTS FOR RADICAL CHANGE. - A great idea to make us all think more about driving, keep us on our toes and stop bad habits sneaking in.


I hope you will learn from the book and find it interesting and thought provoking; but above all, that it makes you safer and therefore a better driver. From now on treat your driving as a hobby that you are trying to improve. Don't treat it as a toil of a pleasure. Incorporate the underlying theme of the book into your driving, and you won't go far wrong.






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