This manoeuvre causes a lot of problems to drivers trying to emerge, as well as the drivers already on the major road.  Remember if you are emerging on to the major road, take proper observation.  This is not so easy in this situation as you will need to use your mirrors to judge the speed of traffic coming along the major road, at the same time as checking your blind spot over your right shoulder. Turn your head 90 degrees, then with your field of vision, the blind spot should be covered comfortably.  You shouldn't make traffic on the major road reduce speed or swerve to avoid you.  Having said that, there is a lot of room for give and take here, because of the length of the slip road, and the view of the driver already on the major road.  We have all seen the driver emerge from the slip road regardless of what is happening on the major road.  Accidents happen and always will with this type of driver.  Maybe what he doesn't realise is that sooner or later the driver on the major road is going to be just as pig headed and have the same attitude problem as he has.  The driver trying to emerge probably thinks they can move out and let him in.  He probably isn't even aware the driver on the major road is being overtaken by two lanes of fast moving traffic, and has no where to go.  If the driver on the major road has been concentrating, and thinking defensively he will be able to let the other driver in safely without having to take too drastic action.

Many manoeuvres can be carried out perfectly safely with a little knowledge and a lot of common sense. 

Is common sense so uncommon?



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