There is much talk about changing peopleís attitude towards driving but little is ever done about it. We know that the quickest way to make us change our attitude as drivers, in an instant, is to saturate the roads with police vehicles!You can see the effect a police car has on drivers by the amount of brake lights that comes on if a patrol car is driving along a motorway at seventy miles per hour, or if one is parked at a roundabout or any other junction. Due to limited police resources this is not possible, but could the scheme be self-financed by the money generated from on the spot fines?We all hear and see it too often about drivers getting away with doing stupid things on the roads, they get away with this due to lack of police presence.We are talking here about changing attitudes, hopefully to save lives.

It has always been my belief for years that the following positive suggestion should make people think more about their driving.It is very radical and would mean a considerable shake up regarding the renewal of driving licences.At the present time if you pass your driving test at seventeen years of age and exchange your provisional licence for a full one which currently costs £12 and it will last you for 53 years, without having your driving checked again. This currently works out at less than 25 pence per year, this equates to one cigarette, or a packet of crisps. Compare this with a TV licence at over £100 per year; the driving licence must surely be the bargain of the century, considering that potentially, it can change your life and give you endless freedom.††††††††††††††††††

My proposal to try and change driver's attitude in this country at minimum cost and hopefully having maximum effect is as follows;

Make all licences renewable every five years.When you send off your licence for renewal, you could get a letter back saying that you had been randomly selected by the computer to book a driving test at the centre of your choice with in the next three months. When you have done this and if you are successful in passing your re-test, your licence will be sent to you.However, if you fail, you are given a de-briefing as to why by the examiner, you may still drive your car but must present yourself again for another test within the next three months. If you are successful you get your licence back, but if you are not then you go back to being a provisional licence holder with the restrictions that entails.Think of the disruption this would cause to those people, they may have to rely on others to get them about (school, shopping, work), and it could even cost them their jobs, if they let it go that far.Common sense would surely prevail and people would make a considerable effort to avoid this situation.After all probably 90% of drivers on the road have passed the test and it shouldn't be too difficult to achieve that standard again with a little effort.

This is where the change of attitude arises towards driving, because of the deterrent of failing the test.

When your licence is coming up for renewal you may think, I might have to take a test so I'd better buy and read the Highway Code.That might be sufficient for a lot of drivers or they may think about having a few driving lessons as well, some people may only drive on odd occasions. If the system got up and running the powers that be could decide to target certain bands of people; such as those who have penalty points on their licence, maybe the under twenty five year olds or over seventies, or leave the computer to select totally at random

There would have to be a charge for the renewal of the licence to pay for the free re-tests of people and to cover the administration costs. This cost can be divided between about thirty million licence holders, making the increase comparatively small.Whilst I hear a lot of motorists saying, 'Clobbering us again', there is a great difference in this suggestion because it is about changing attitudes towards driving. This would hopefully save a lot of human suffering and grief. It would reduce Emergency call-outs and alleviate some pressure in casualty departments and hospital wards. It would also save a considerable amount of cash for the government of the day, who hopefully would contribute to the cost of running the scheme. I'm not talking about increasing road tax, petrol, and the price of a new car or the servicing charges.This increase would hopefully go towards letting us; our relatives and friends live longer or not be seriously disabled through a road accident.As I stated earlier I know it is a radical suggestion but I feel many people should put much more effort into our driving than we do at present to reduce the 5000 deaths that occur each year.

Remember the theme running through the book.Look after you and yours, by doing this you will probably make things safer for other road users.

To do this you must, concentrate, anticipate, be skilful and knowledgeable, also have the right attitude and be self disciplined when driving.

Without any one of these qualities you are not driving to the best of your ability.

I have made the comment in the book about driving been a toil of a pleasure for a lot of people; donít let it be like that for you.Try to change your outlook on driving and make it your number one hobby. Being the best footballer, golfer or cricketer in the club is fine, but it is very unlikely that it will save someone's life. If you put the same amount of effort into improving your driving skills as you do into your hobby, it is possible that it could save a life or save someone from serious or even minor injuries.It could be a relative or someone you donít even know but I'm sure it would give you far more satisfaction than any goal or century you scored; or even when you got that hole in one! I am talking about two different planes here and driving is the number one without any shadow of a doubt; because of it's potential for destruction.So take the challenge on-board.

Once you have improved your driving skills, you should become a much smoother driver and safer driver.

Donít get caught out by things that happen around you, concentrate and anticipate; we all get caught out occasionally but make sure it is only occasionally.

Read the Highway Code and any other books that will improve your driving and make you more knowledgeable.Be less aggressive, count to ten more often and get your attitude sorted out.

Why is it when you show your best friend how to improve his golf swing, he will thank you for it, but if you criticise his driving, you have lost your best friend?!

Why do motorists rush home from work, carving people up, changing lanes numerous times to get in front of a couple of vehicles, for the other drivers to catch them up further along the road.When they get into the house they will slump onto the settee, kick their shoes off, then switch on the television or pick up the paper.It doesn't make sense does it?

I hope you have found the site interesting, thought provoking and that it leads you to become a much safer and better driver.Be safe, obey the rules most of the time, work hard at your driving and learn to really enjoy it, and use common sense. Itís not so uncommon is it? †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† GOOD LUCK !


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