If you are about to start or are currently learning to drive, then this is the site for you.

If you have been driving for years and have lost interest in driving or become very blasé in the way you drive then this is also the site for you. It could rekindle the spark and interest that has been missing for several years and hopefully will improve your driving.

Do you overtake cyclists with six inches to spare without reducing speed, then promptly turn left across their path, making them brake to avoid you and sometimes knocking them off? Do you drive through puddles splashing pedestrian when it could have easily been avoided? Are you the type of driver that uses your mirrors three times on a journey when they should have been used three hundred times. Do you start your manoeuvre then signal, if you signal at all? Are you sure that you know how to treat the different types of crossroads, or a yellow box junction? Do you know how to approach a roundabout with numerous exits and which signals to you use, (are you sure)? Are you the type who drives along trying to see out of windows covered in condensation on the inside because you don’t know where to set the controls of the heating system? Are you too lazy to remove frost off the outside of the windows?  Think of the potentially dangerous situation you are putting you and others in.

Do you have a meeting 100 miles away and leave yourself 80 minutes to get there. Then leading you to tailgating on the motorway because the car in front is only doing 80 miles per hour. When you leave the motorway do you cut across three lanes of traffic to the slip road, oblivious of anyone else around you? Do you use the mobile phone in one hand and flick through notes with the other while driving along? How can you be in full control of your vehicle either mentally or physically?

I am fairly certain that most people who have read the above will say they are not like that and thankfully in most cases this is probably true. However if you have committed or do commit any one of the incidents, then this site can be of a great help to you providing you are willing to learn and change your attitude towards driving and riding.

Alternatively you may already enjoy driving and would like to know a bit more about the role of the driving examiner or how the driving tests are changed and updated to keep them relevant with the ever-changing world and conditions. There is plenty of information and examples for everyone to find that is interesting. There is also a suggestion of random re-testing of drivers who have already passed their test. This idea would make everyone focus more on their driving throughout their lives and would undoubtedly make our roads safer.

It really has been written with the attitude that ‘there is something for everyone’. Sit back, enjoy the read and hopefully it will interest and teach you at the same time.


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