Should mobile phones be allowed to be used by the driver who is on the move? You may agree with this providing that it is of the hands free type. The driver may be able to concentrate on his driving whilst carrying out a conversation, but to what extent. If an accident occurs in this situation could you look the child's parents in the eye and say?

" I didn't have a chance there was nothing I could have done". 

If the phone was of the hands free type you could probably control the car well, but how much time had been lost through lack of concentration on the road?

If it hadn't been the hands free type and a witness had seen you using the phone as the accident happened, it would be very difficult proving your innocence. Once again it comes back to concentration, but this time also the control of the vehicle is an issue as you were holding the phone in one hand.  The accidents may have been unavoidable regardless of the use of the phone, but are you sure?

I have seen a car that had a TV fitted into the dashboard by the manufacturers and the driver could see it as he drove along.  I made the comment that I thought it was illegal for the driver to be able to see the screen whilst driving along.  I was told this wasn't the case because the TV went off when the car reached 5 mph. 

Could the same system be used regarding mobile phones, which would encourage people to use them when stationary?


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