Here is another situation that can cause a lot of near misses; and a little thought and consideration can save a lot of hassle. We know that we have to leave the width of a car door when passing stationary vehicles parked on our nearside (and on our offside if travelling along a one way street) in case someone opens the door, as you are about to pass the car.  By being further from the parked car gives you a better view if someone is going to step out from between the cars.  If there is nothing coming towards you treat the width of a car door as a minimum; there is nothing wrong with going over the centre of the road to get a better view, if it is safe to do so.  The problems arise when oncoming traffic appears.

Obviously if the obstruction is on your nearside then it is up to you to give way in a normal situation; but if you are already committed and have nowhere to go then the other driver will have to let you through, along with any vehicles that are following.  The situation with the oncoming traffic is made far worse because no one wants to slow down; and as with most of the people driving nowadays, they want to be at their destination yesterday.  If drivers reduced speed, possibly neither would have to stop, because we wouldn't have to leave as much room for the safety margin, and we would be able to stop so much quicker.  The answer to these problems are so simple yet there is so much frustration generated on a daily basis due to lack of thought and consideration, that in the extreme leads to road rage.



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