Lets take the classic example below of the road works on dual or three lane carriageways, which most of us have come across from time to time.  The signs are there well in advance telling us to get into the left lane or the relevant lane, which most of us do. However, Charles Can't-Wait comes along the empty lane to the front of the queue then cuts in.  He thinks we are all idiots for not using the empty lane. 





He isn't driving with due consideration for other road users and he isn't obeying the rules that have clearly instructed everyone to get in the correct lane. Who knows, several miles further down the road you may come across an accident.  Was the driver frustrated by the road works in the first place causing a considerable delay, then the drivers going up the right hand lane, frustrating him even more?  Had his rage got the better of him and impaired his judgement? Does Charles Can't-Wait walk to the front of the queue at a supermarket till, or in the fish and chip shop, or any other queue for that matter?  Why not?  He can't say there isn't enough room to walk to the front because there is in most situations, particularly at bus stops, so why doesn't he do it?  It's because he knows it is not our culture; so why do it on the roads?


A solution to the above situation would be to adopt the system used successfully in other countries demonstrated below.

As you approach the road works, a sign says, 'Use all vacant lanes on approach, then filter in turn, at the actual road works'.  Instead of been in a 10mile queue, you would be in a 5mile queue and people wouldn't be able to jump the queue.




Similarly, I think there are many opportunities in urban areas to use the filter in turn system at busy junctions that aren't controlled by signals.


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