Many people know how to use it correctly and do so.Many know how to use it correctly but don't bother, and this can cause unnecessary delays.


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Then we have the drivers who donít know how to use it properly.Lets take the scenario of a crossroad controlled by traffic lights that incorporate a right hand filter and is also marked as a Yellow Box junction. The driver at the front of the queue wants to turn right; the green light comes on, but not the filter arrow for the right turn and his exit road is clear; but a stream of oncoming traffic is preventing this.What does the driver do? Often they wait behind the stop line, even when their exit road is clear; and by doing this they are not coming into the proximity of wires positioned in the yellow box, which in turn activate the right hand filter light. The driver's action is restricting the number of drivers turning right and can cause tailbacks to occur, especially at peak times.


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