My father Brian (the author) unfortunately died very suddenly, just weeks after finishing his book. The developing and publishing of this site is dedicated to his memory. All who knew him will always remember him and this site is a tribute to him, a man who spent much of his life promoting good driving and doing his best to make roads safer.





Let me tell you a little about myself as the author of this book.

I started my own Driving School in 1964 and became an Approved Driving Instructor soon afterwards. At that time it was not compulsory to be approved by the Ministry of Transport but I felt it was the right way forward for both my customers and myself. The School was very successful over the next fifteen years. I enjoyed my work, which was hard at times, but often that was when the job satisfaction was the greatest.


In late 1978 I applied to the Ministry of Transport to become a Driving Examiner and in February 1979 successfully passed the interview and the intensive training course held at Cardington in Bedfordshire, which was and still is the Training Centre for all examiners.


Since then I have spent most of my career as an examiner for both car and motorcycle candidates. I was stationed at several centres and worked in different at cities in the North of England. Up to my retirement from the job in 1997 I spent, my final eight years as Senior Driving Examiner (SDE) which involved being in charge of the driving test centres and the examiners, as well as continuing to conduct driving tests.

Over the past 41 years I estimate I have spent the best part of eight hours a day, five (sometimes six!) days a week watching all types of road user and their antics. I reckon I have covered well over one million miles, the vast majority of these as a driving examiner and driving instructor, the remainder as a private motorist and motorcyclist.


(It was in 1990 that the DRIVING STANDARDS AGENCY, (DSA) was created within the DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT. This agency is responsible for the approval of instructors, the conducting and assessment of driving tests and many other aspects regarding road safety).



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